Thomas S. Kirk Juvenile Justice Center
2000 E. Michigan Street, Orlando, Florida 32806

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Orange County's court facilities have been overwhelmed by the exploding area growth and the concurrent growth in demand for judicial services. The resulting overcrowding and dispersion of court-related agencies have seriously hindered the efficiency, security, and integrity of the courts.  In an attempt to address these and other concerns, the Thomas S. Kirk Juvenile Justice Center was opened in April of 1991.

The Juvenile Justice complex includes three (3) courtrooms, two (2) hearing rooms, chambers for five (5) Judges, and offices for judicial support staff, Court Administration, Teen Court, Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts, State Attorney, Public Defender, and the Sheriff.

Note:   All persons who enter any of the Courthouses of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court are subject to both electronic, and physical search.   Firearms, knives, sprays, or any other items that may be considered a weapon, will be confiscated during the search process.  Bringing weapons into the Courthouse is a federal violation. Individuals who attempt to bring firearms into any Courthouse will be prosecuted.